Getting Started With A New Windows 10 Computer

A Website For Absolute Beginners And Intermediate Users

At last! You have found a Computer Lessons website that really is FREE. Whether or not it is any good is not for me, John Cairns, to say. What I will say though is that I have written the lessons on this FREE Computer Lessons website with the Absolute Beginner and Intermediate in mind, without the usual patronizing associated with teaching Computer Illiterates and Senior Citizens for example.

The lessons on this website are aimed at the Windows 10 operating system, unless otherwise stated. Meaning, the basic foundations of Windows 7 versus Windows 10 for example are the same - You move a window, create a folder, copy and paste, etc in the same way with all these operating systems. If something is specific to a particular operating system (i.e. a feature that is unique to it) I will point this out in the lesson.

This website is dedicated to teaching the Absolute Beginner, and Intermediate, The Basics, and More Advanced Features, of using the Windows Operating System for FREE in a non-technical way. So if you don't know a Click from a Double Click, a Hard Drive from a Floppy Drive, How to install general Hardware/Software and/or just want to learn how to use a Windows computer then continue reading! You will be taught From Scratch and in Plain English - No Waffle. Just computer lessons that show you how something should be done.

Here are what some of the lessons explain/teach:

Continue to read this web page because it takes you through the first important steps of computing. Explaining - The Desktop, Computer Start-Up, Moving the Mouse, Mouse Pointers and Mouse Buttons (Click and Double Click). The menu on the left-side has been categorised so that you can learn one section at a time. Although the categories and sections are in no particular order, they have been designed to be learnt from top to bottom; as opposed to being learnt randomly.

Read EVERYTHING On This Website Carefully - I give out Valuable Information that you would normally pay for, that is not taught in universities and books.